New Dating Tips Special For Men

Date and Dateless
Potret Kuli - How long have you single? Are you longing to share your life with a great woman? What are your plans and whether you even have a plan or you put your trust in the hands of destiny?

Is your attitude with many single - "if it is doomed, then it was meant to happen?" Well, it seems rather ironic that people diligently to plan many other important aspects of their life such as career and financial goals, but when it comes to the main ingredient happiness (love) we are ready to sit back and let the winds of fate decide.

Prepare yourself physically - looks, appearance and how you portray yourself to the world. If you are selling your car the first thing to do is to wash and clean it to present it in the best light. When selling your house you tidy and de-clutter in order to attract the right buyer at the right price. Think about dating as selling yourself. The first (and the easiest) step on the dating journey is to get the physical aspects right - take a blinkers-off look at yourself as others see you, starting with your hygiene. This is a major red flag for women if it's not at an acceptable level.

The number of photos
Match.com lets you put a whopping 26 pictures in your profile. The key here is that just because they allow for that many doesn’t mean you need to use all the space. This is online dating, not a Facebook album, so three to six pictures is plenty.
Just as a woman is only as attractive as her worst picture (being a woman, the same may be true for men). Put your best pictures out there — as long as they are accurate. Two great photos win over four or more mediocre photos any day. Women will look for the one bad one and decide not to email you because of it.

Baggage often causes a lack of confidence and this is very debilitating when dating - nothing attracts a woman like confidence. Deep down (or even near the surface!) women are often looking for someone to look after them. If you appear confident and able to cope with any situation you immediately become very attractive to a large number of women especially if there are no other red flags. Know what confidence is and how you can develop an air of confidence as a major step in wowing a large number of women.